Posted by: Fr. C. | July 11, 2011

Our Reason for Being







Welcome to Looking for a Ship.  In a world of increasing challenges to the Christian faith and competing denominational choices, this blog will explore theological issues and items of interest.  Why, in this world of thousands of blogs with these topics, is there a need for one more doing such things?  To be blunt, there isn’t.  The issue is not one of “need” but of viewpoint.

Too many writers water down the issues, and institutional blogs and websites are simply impossible.  Even the websites of  self-identified “traditional” churches have become prone to political correctness.  As well, their investment in asserting purity of doctrine and triumphalism prevents honest discourse.  Such coloring of the lens prevents honesty in the discourse.

What does one do when, traveling happily along on the via media,  you are run over out there in the middle of the road?  Will it be the barque of St. Peter or the ladya of St. Nicholas?  Do you trade the Real Presence for real absence, Byrd for banjo, or liturgical chant for liturgical dance?  What if you’re really comfy being the filling between the wafers, but occasionally wonder whether you actually have a faith at all?  Or, how about a little warning about the nice folks who sincerely would like to see you turned into a falafel because of your faith in that Jesus fellow?

On this site, we are going to throw some issues and facts up on the board and see what arouses interest.  The approach of the blog is decidedly old school as in ancient church.  Comments will be posted at the complete discretion of the blog owners, and religious jingoism, bigotry of any stripe, and other sorts of cloddish behavior will not be allowed, although occasional bits of lunacy may appear.

Here’s hoping that you find your ship.

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