Posted by: Fr. C. | October 5, 2017

Joint Synods 2017-Day 3

Dunwoody, Georgia

The festival atmosphere continued throughout the day here at the unity meeting of four traditional Anglican groups here in suburban Atlanta today. Hundreds of voices shook the large ball room during the Matins and Mass  celebrated at 7:30 this morning by Bishop Chad Jones of the APA.  Friends old and new shared a meal together before heading into the respective business meetings of the ACC, ACA, APA and DHC.

Representatives of the Polish National Catholic Church were, indeed, present, along with observers from the Reformed Episcopal Church, Charismatic Episcopal Church, and several other jurisdictions and provinces.  At this time, this writer has not seen the Bishop of the Diocese of Ft. Worth, although rumors of his presence circulated.

The business of the ACC Synod was relatively routine, but grew palpably electric at the point of the ecumenical report.  When the statement on Joint Communion was read, there was a loud motion for its adoption which included your reporter, followed by an immediate, thunderous,standing ovation by lay and clergy delegates.  The motion carried unanimously and by acclamation.

The only real questions centered around the issues presented by future organic unity.  It is apparent that the bishops fully understand the potential hurdles and will work to resolve them in a collegial manner and in good order.

To say the least, it is a momentous day for the Affirmation of St. Louis churches.  There was a note of sadness as the Anglican Province of Christ the King, which had been offered a seat at the table at least twice refused to participate.  In fact, rumors are circulating that the APCK bishops have forbidden their clergy to be present at this historical moment.  As there are several APCK clergy here and enjoying the fellowship, the rumor remains unsubstantiated.

Technical issues continue to hamper the blogging of this event, but I hope to have a full text of the communion agreement posted here tomorrow.  In the meantime, please continue to pray for the ongoing success of this remarkable gathering.





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