Posted by: Fr. C. | October 3, 2017

A Christian Challenge

Dunwoody, Georgia

At the multi-jurisdictional Anglican  Joint Provincial Synod, it was learned today that the Foundation for Christian Theology, the 501(c)(c) organization former publisher of The Christian Challenge magazine, has been reorganized under new leadership.  The FCT plans to resume publication of the Challenge in both electronic and limited print-run formats.

Founded nearly 50 years ago by the late Dorothy Faber and headed by her daughter Auburn Faber Traycik, the Challenge chronicled the decline of the American Episcopal Church and rise of the so-called continuing church, an assortment of traditional Anglican groups following the 1977 Affirmation of St. Louis.  The magazine ceased print publication by 2010 with the decline of in the health of the editor-in=chief.

The re-launched Challenge will focus on news and commentary related and of interest to traditional Anglicans.  It is hoped, as well, that the renewed magazine will serve as a neutral ombudsman and rallying point for news among the various traditional Anglican groups.

More details will be released in the next several weeks as website and social media outlets are completed.


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