Posted by: Fr. C. | October 3, 2017

The Grand Convergence-Day 1

Dunwoody, Georgia

Here we are.  some 40 years after the Affirmation of St. Louis, the crowd is beginning to assemble in the largest attempt at unity in continuing Anglicanism since the disastrous APCK-ACA-ACC pilgrimage in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, more than ten years ago.  It was a moment that resulted in disappointment and, ultimately, reprisals by the APCK against its priests who had helped organize the event.

Many have left continuing Anglicanism in its wake to seek safe harbor in the East or Rome, and a few, including this writer have remained to see what, if anything, God might have in store for faithful Anglo-Catholics in the United States.

The foundational work for this event has been opaque.  Obviously, bishops and senior members of the Anglican Catholic Church, Diocese of the Holy Cross, Anglican Province of America and Anglican Church in America have been working quietly for some years to bring this event about. Certainly, the profusion of purple in the lobby of the Crowne Plaza this evening is testimony to the importance of this event.  However, the actual extent of the aim of the bishops’ discussions remains unclear beyond stated goal of formal communio in sacris among the four groups, something that already occurs in fact.

Will these groups move beyond alliance into organic union of the claimed 300 member parishes?  Will there be consolidation of administrative functions?  Will there be uniform standards for clergy education and formation?  Tomorrow, meetings of the bishops will resume, but, for now, there is much that remains to be seen at this point. Perhaps it is sufficient to the day that, after 40 long years, people can gather together in harmony to affirm the same roots, the same theological foundations, a truly common Book of Common Prayer, and the same heritage from the English Church in the happy days before heterodoxy and heresy.  However, given the presenting issues that relate to the very survival of this bit of Christendom, a larger effort is necessary.

The hour grows late here in Georgia in so many ways.  It is time for prayer and rest.  Pray that all may be one as Christ commands us.






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